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Mintsev AV
, Butov LV, Ell C, et al.
Polariton dispersion of periodic quantum well structures
JETP LETT+ 76 (10): 637-640 2002

Butov LV, Mintsev AV, Lozovik YE, et al.
From spatially indirect excitons to momentum-space indirect excitons by an in-plane magnetic field
PHYS REV B 62 (3): 1548-1551 JUL 15 2000

Butov LV, Imamoglu A, Shashkin AA, et al.
Nonlinear photoluminescence kinetics of indirect excitons in coupled quantum wells
PHYS STATUS SOLIDI A 178 (1): 83-87 MAR 2000

Butov LV, Imamoglu A, Shashkin AA, et al.
Magneto optics of the spatially separated electron and hole layers in GaAs/AlGaAs coupled quantum wells
PHYSICA E 6 (1-4): 655-659 FEB 2000

Butov LV, Mintsev AV, Filin AI, et al.
Kinetics of indirect photoluminescence in GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs double quantum wells in a random potential with a large amplitude
J EXP THEOR PHYS+ 88 (5): 1036-1044 MAY 1999

Butov LV, Imamoglu A, Mintsev AV, et al.
Photoluminescence kinetics of indirect excitons in GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs coupled quantum wells

PHYS REV B 59 (3): 1625-1628 JAN 15 1999