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Euro-Asian Astronomical Society

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Euro-Asian Astronomical Society
Universitetskij prospect 13, 119899 Moscow, Russia.
e-mail: boch@sai.msu.ru, fax: +7-(095)-932-88-44, telex: 411483 MGU SU

Dr. Nikolai G. Bochkarev, Co-chairman of Euro-Asian Astronomical Society.

General information:

The Euro-Asian Astronomical Society was created in April 1990.

The Society performs its activities mainly in New Independent States (NIS) on the territory of the Former Soviet Union and surrounding countries. The main goals of the society are to maintain the development of astronomy and to reinforce scientific contacts between astronomers of the former Soviet Union and their colleagues all over the world. Official languges of EAAS - Russian and English.

EAAS is an international society de facto as well as de jure. It is officially registered (legalized) in Russia as an international society (official license from the Ministry of Low of Russian Federation).

EAAS has a total of about 750 members from 31 countries:

        Russian Federation     about 500
        Ukraine                about 100
        USA                    about  25
        Kazakhstan             about  20
        Uzbekistan             about  20
        Armenia                about  12
        Azerbaijan             about  10
        Georgia                        9
        Tajikistan                     7
        Turkmenistan                   7
        Bulgaria                       6
        Estonia                        6
        Israel                         6
        Latvija                        6
        29 collective members,
        9 affiliated associations
    (e.g. Association of Planetaria of Russia;
          Euro-Asian Association of Teachers of Astronomy;
          Association of Teachers of Astronomy in Pedagogical Institutions;
          associations of amateur astronomers, etc.).

EAAS has science teaching programs and supports young professional and amateur astronomers.

The Society and its branches, partially in cooperation with other institutions, organize several major international scientific meetings each year (6 meetings during 1996).

EAAS and its branch have 7 periodic publications: 3 information bulletin (including electronic newsletters), two scientific journals (including the refereeing English-language journal "Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions"), two popular magazines.

The Society has developed a number of programs aimed to support astronomy and astronomers of the countries-former Soviet Republics and surrounding states:

Meetings of the nearest years:
EAAS publications:

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