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IX International Astronomy Olympiad
Simeiz, Crimea, October 1-9, 2004.

Brief information about the results of the Olympiad

[Dome of the 400-mm astrograph] The 9th International Astronomy Olympiad took place on October 1-9, 2004 in small town of Simeiz on the South Coast of Crimea (territory of Big Yalta). 18 national teams arrived to Crimea to participate:

  • armenia Armenia
  • brazil Brazil
  • bulgaria Bulgaria
  • china China
  • crimean peninsula Crimea
  • estonia Estonia
  • india India
  • indonesia Indonesia
  • iran Iran
  • italy Italy
  • korea Korea
  • lithuania Lithuania
  • moscow land Moscow Land
  • romania Romania
  • russia Russia
  • serbia&montenegro Serbia and Montenegro
  • sweden Sweden
  • thailand Thailand

IAO-2004 host and dates

The dates were about the same as three and five years ago when the VI IAO and IV IAO took place in Crimea. But the place - town of the Olympiad was different from one in 1999 and 2001: the host of VI and VI IAOs, the settlement Nauchnyj, cannot adopt the rising number of participants: there were totally 123 persons of participants, team leades, observers and member of organizing Committee were living in hotel "Katsiveli" during the Olympiad.

Official languages of the Olympiad - English and Russian. Problems has been prepared by the Organizing Committee in these two languages and the leaders were responsible to translate tasks to native languages of participants just before the rounds (three hours before). Character of the problems to solve were analogous to ones of the previous International Astronomy Olympiads (1996-2003).

Schedule of the Olympiad. (See full realized programme of the IX Olympiad.)

  • Wednesday-Thursday, September 29-30 - Arriving of some teams to Simferopol'
  • Friday, October 1 - Day of teams arrival to Simeiz
  • Saturday, October 2 - Day of opening ceremony
  • Sunday, October 3 - Day of observational round
  • Monday, October 4 - Day of the theoretical round
  • Tuesday, October 5 - Day of excursion
  • Wednesday, October 6 - Day of the practical round
  • Thursday, October 7 - Rest day
  • Friday, October 8 - Day of closing ceremony
  • Saturday, October 9 - Day of teams departure
  • Sunday, October 10 - Departure of some teams

Winners and prizewinners of the Olympiad

I Diploma

Junior group

  • Nazaryan Tigran (Armenia)
  • Popov Andrey (Moscow Land)
  • Ved Gund (India)
  • Dang Abhishek (India)

Senior group

  • Mikhalchenko Dmitry (Russia)
  • Agrawal Ashish (India)
  • Stamatov Rumen (Bulgaria)
  • Bandyopadhyay Saptarshi (India)
  • Golovko Alexey (Moscow Land)
  • Hilmy Masyhur Aziz (Indonesia)
  • Feyzbakhsh Sara (Iran)

II Diploma

Junior group

  • Villar Coelho Felipe Ferreira (Brazil)
  • Afsari Ardchi Niloufar (Iran)
  • Serban Nicu David (Romania)
  • Nam Gi Young (Korea)
  • Kolodin Dmitriy (Russia)
  • Trushin Dmitriy (Moscow Land)
  • Zhu Ying (China)
  • Chulkov Dmitriy (Moscow Land)
  • Dong Jing (China)

Senior group

  • Kozlovskaya Maria (Moscow Land)
  • Park Da Woo (Korea)
  • Kang Jae Hwan (Korea)
  • Kittinaradorn Rakpong (Thailand)
  • Gozali Evan (Indonesia)
  • Kacharov Nikolay (Bulgaria)
  • Pazira Hiva (Iran)
  • Opsenica Slobodan (Serbia and Montenegro)

III Diploma

Junior group

  • Raziman Thottungal Valapu (India)
  • Sohrabkhani Negin (Iran)
  • Zhelev Zhelyo (Bulgaria)
  • Ahkam Ahmad Agung (Indonesia)
  • Georgieva Aleksandra (Bulgaria)
  • Rahmayanti Rizky (Indonesia)
  • Hodrea Voicu Mihai (Romania)
  • Shabanov Andrey (Russia)
  • Gunawan Hartono (Indonesia)
  • Bakeshko Artyom (Russia)
  • Yang Yi (China)
  • Fatahisavadjani Azadeh (Iran)
  • Kim Tae Jin (Korea)

Senior group

  • Jayawijayaningtiyas (Indonesia)
  • Echelmeier Guilherme Rohden (Brazil)
  • Delic Uros (Serbia and Montenegro)
  • Yudin Anton (Russia)
  • Yu Xun (China)
  • Landstroem Eric (Sweden)
  • Pats Alexandre (Moscow Land)
  • Pepoyan Artak (Armenia)
  • Vybornov Vadim (Russia)
  • Pashakarnis Laurynas (Lithuania)
  • de Araujo e Silva Carla Fernanda (Brazil)

Special Diploma

  • Nazaryan Tigran (Armenia) - for the best result in the junior group
  • Mikhalchenko Dmitry (Russia) - for the best result in the senior group
  • Golovko Alexey (Moscow Land) - for the best result on the theoretical round
  • Kozlovskaya Maria (Moscow Land) - for the best result on the practical round
  • Vilardi Demetrio (Italy) - for the best result on the observational round
  • Goncharko Mihail (Crimea) - for the best result among participants from the host country
  • Kittinaradorn Rakpong (Thailand) - for the best result among participants of new participating countries
  • Stamatov Rumen (Bulgaria) - for the best picture of bear in solutions

Financial organization of the IX Olympiad

The IX International Astronimy Olympiad was the third in Crimea since 1999 so it was the only chance to organize it: to use the point #9.2.Note 1. of the Acting Statutes/Regulations of the International Astronomy Olympiad (the case of absence other candidates-organizers for the IAO in some year...). The fees of the participating states were larger than schould be as usual.

The Web-page of the IX Olympiad before it organization (information for possible participants)

Weather in Crimea during the days of the Olympiad

Climate in Crimea

Statutes on the Olympiad

Information about the host and dates of the International Astronomy Olympiad 2005 will be known in the late December 2004 or January-February 2005. The Olympic Coordinating Council will be glad to receive your proposals. According to Statutes on the Olympiad Autorized National Representative (Astronomical) Organizations may send applications for IAO-2004 hosting not later October 22, 2004.

Updated 10.10.2004.


After the Olympiad has been finished and the teams have been departed from Simeiz, team of Armenia decided to stay at the South Coast of Crimea a few days more for rest. And on Monday, October 11 tragedy was happened with two members of the team. Infromation is here.


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