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Kveder Vitaly Vladimirovich

E-mail: kveder@issp.ac.ru

phone: 2-19-82

Working in:118 ГЛК

Position:principal research researcher

Work in LSDS since: 1977-11-01

Scientific degree:Corresponding member of RAS, Professor, Dr.S.

Kveder Vitaly Vladimirovich

Scientific Biography

Vitaly KVEDER was born in Orenburg 03 October 1949.
1966-1972 - He was graduated at the Department of General and Applied Physics of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Moscow, Russia.
Since 1972 to now he works as a scientist in the Institute of Solid State Physics Russian Academy of Science.
In 1977 he awarded the degree "Candidate of physical and mathematical sciences" (Ph.D).
In 1987 he awarded the degree "Doctor of physical and mathematical sciences" (Doctor of Science).
In 1989 he has got position of a Head of Laboratory for Spectroscopy of Defects Structure (LSDS) in the Institute of Solid State Physics
In 1997 he awarded the degree "Professor of Science”.
From 1992 till 2002 he was a Deputy Director of the Institute of Solid State Physics
From 2002 till now he is a Director of the Institute of Solid State Physics Russian Academy of Science
In 2006 he was elected to Russian Academy of Sciences as a corresponding member.

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Scientific intersts

- Physics of defects in semiconductors: electronic, magnetic and optical properties, interaction between extended defects and impurities; Methods used: Electron spin resonanse, DLTS, capacitance spectroscopy, optical spectroscopy (luminescence, optical absorption, photoconductance), spin-dependent recombination, electric-dipole spin resonance (“Rashba effect’), spin-dependent reactions of defects, microwave measurements.
- Self-organization of defects and non-linear diffusion
- Electronic, optical and magnetic properties of fullerenes, carbon nanotubes and fullerene-based compounds.

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Vitaly KVEDER is Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Solid State Physics,
a member of Scientific qualification Council D 002.100.01,
a member of a Nanotechnology Council of Russian Academy of Sciences,
a Head of a scientific program “New materials and structures” of Russian Academy of Sciences,
a member of International Scientific committee of the Conference “Extended defects in semiconductors” (EDS),
a member of International Program Committee of the Conference “Gettering and defect engineering in semiconductor technology” (GADEST),

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Visiting fellowships and trainings

1980-1982 – Collaboration with Goettingen University (prof.W.Schroeter) and Clausthal University (prof. R.Labusch) (Germany) ~3months/year V.Kveder used to spend in Germany
1991-1992 – Collaboration with Lund University (prof.H.Grimmeiss) (Sweden) ) ~2months/year V.Kveder used to spend in Sweden
1992-1993 – Visiting professor in Tohoku University (Sendai, Japan) ~ 9 months
1993-1994 - Collaboration with Lund University (prof.H.Grimmeiss, prof.P.Omling)) (Sweden) ) ~2months/year V.Kveder used to spend in Sweden
1995-up to now - Collaboration with Goettingen University (Germany) ~2months/year V.Kveder spends in Germany

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Selected publications


  1. V. Kveder, М. Khorosheva, M. Seibt Interplay of Ni and Au atoms with dislocations and vacancy defects generated by moving dislocations in Si Solid State Phenomena Vol. 242 pp 147-154 2016

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  1. PDFD.A. Agarkov, I.N. Burmistrov, F.M. Tsybrov, I.I. Tartakovskii, V.V. Kharton, S.I. Bredikhin, V.V. Kveder Analysis of Interfacial Processes at the SOFC Electrodes by in-situ Raman Spectroscopy ECS Transactions Vol. 68, Iss. 1, pp. 2093-2103 2015

  2. M.A. Khorosheva, V.V. Kveder, M. Seibt On the nature of defects produced by motion of dislocations in silicon Phys. Status Solidi A 212, No. 8, 1695–1703 2015

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  1. V.Sedykh, V.Rusakov, V.Kveder, I. Zver’kova, V. Kulakov Fluctuations of structural transformations in La0.95Ba0.05Mn0.9857Fe0.02O3 under heat treatment Materials Letters 96, 82–84 (2013) 2013

  2. D. Abdelbarey, V. Kveder, W. Schroter, M. Seibt Platinum and gold diffusion monitor vacancy profiles induced into silicon wafers by aluminum alloying Phys. Status Solidi A 210, No. 4, 771–776 (2013) / DOI 10.1002/pssa.201300020 2013

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  1. S. Beringov, A. Shkulkov, Yu. Cherpak, M. Vlasiuk, T. Vlasenko, I. Buchovska, V. Kveder, M. Khorosheva Multicrystalline silicon production for solar cells applications by continuous induction melting in cold crucible Phys. Status Solidi C 10 №1, 2012 стр.24-27 2012

  2. Michael Seibt and Vitaly Kveder Gettering processes and the role of extended defects Chapter 4 in the book “Advanced Silicon Materials for Photovoltaic Applications” Edited by Sergio Pizzini, Wiley (John Wiley & Sons Ltd), ISBN 9780470661116, published in 2012 2012

  3. Molodtsova Olga, Irina Aristova, Vitalii Kveder, Martin Knupfer, Clemens Laubschat and Victor Aristov Morphology and Properties of Hybrid Systems Comprising Gold Nanoparticles in CuPc Matrices Journal of Physical Science and Application 2 (6), 166-170 (2012). ISSN:2159-5348 2012

  4. Michael Seibt, Reda Khalil, Vitaly Kveder, Wolfgang Schr?ter Electronic states at dislocations and metal silicide precipitates in crystalline silicon and their role in solar cell materials Applied Physics A04/2012; 96(1):235-253 2012

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  3. D. Abdelbarey, V. Kveder, W. Schr?ter, M. Seibt Light-induced point defect reactions of residual iron in crystalline silicon after aluminum gettering JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS 108, 043519 2010

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  4. Bredikhin Ivan, Sergey Bredikhin and Vitaly Kveder Optimization of the Charge Transfer Process in Composite Ni/YSZ Cermet Anodes ECS Transactions 25 (2) 1967-1974 2009

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  1. PDF Д.А. Агарков, И.Н. Бурмистров, Ф.М. Цыбров, С.И. Бредихин, В.В. Кведер «Мембранно-электродный блок ТОТЭ» Патент на полезную модель, 161096, дата приоритета 17.09.2015, зарегистрирован 21.03.2015, срок действия 17.09.2025 (2016)

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