Technological equipment provided by SNL

  The Clean Room B (optical lithography, class 1000, 2 local areas class 100)
(temperature stability 1, humidity* stability  3%)

  1) Mask aligner (Optical lithography system)  SUSS MicroTec MJB-4

2) Resist spinner SUSS DELTA 10-12

3) Pre- postprocessing cluster for structures fabrication

a) Ultrasonic bath
b) Water bath
c) Vacuum oven
d) Resist droppers
e) Water purification system
f) Blow guns (N2)

4) Vertical laminar flow station

5) Fume hood

6) Chemicals (chemically pure)


The clean room A (EBM lithography, class 1000, 1 local area class 100)
(temperature stability 1)

  1) Vertical flow station

2) Thermal evaporation setup VOBEN VSS-K-4E-8-400 (status: test runs)

3) EBM lithohraphy system (to be installed soon)

4) Chemicals (chemically pure)

  We use the following photo resists: AZ5214E, Ma-N2400, PMMA 250K, PMMA950K, PMGI, S1811.