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Instruction on formalization and registration of abstracts for the conference Fuel cells and Power Plants based on them

Theses languages are Russian or English, at authors discretion. Theses volume is up to 3 p. Theses are presented in the format of text editor is not less than Word 97. (12 Times New Roman, left field 3 cm, other fields are 2 cm wide, 1 interval) (Title 14 Times New Roman, blank line, authors names (Surname Name) 12 Bold centered, blank line, institution, address 12 italics, centered, blank line, theses text).
  • Figures should be implemented in text. Font of inscriptions on the figures should be not less than 10.
  • Formulas and mathematic symbols should be written by formulas editor.
  • Cited literature should be written in the following format and numbered in square brackets (the same for the text link) [1].
  • Corresponding author should be underlined.
  • If abstract is presented in Russian, title, authors and affiliations are presented in Russian and English.
  • Pages without numeration.
    According to DOI assignment, files chould be received not later then

    April, the 25, 2022.

    Files prepared by template should be sent by e-mail to FuelCell2021@issp.ac.ru with the following data, included in Subject line: FuelCell2022. Files should be named as the full authors name (in latin transcripption). (Example: Agarkov_fuelcell2021)
    [1] Ilya Burmistrov, Sergey Bredikhin Cathode overpotential investigation by means of Built-in potential electrode, Ionics, vol.15, N4, 465-468, (2009).

    [2] I. Burmistrov, O.A. Drozhzhin, S.Ya. Istomin, V.V. Sinitsyn, E.V. Antipov, S.I. Bredikhin, Sr0.75Y0.25Co0.5Mn0.5O3-y Perovskite Cathode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells., J. Electrochem. Soc., vol.156, N10, pp.B1212-1217 (2009).

    [3] Natalya Ledukhovskaya, Elena Frolova, Gennady Strukov, Danila Matveev and Sergey Bredikhin New Type of Current Collectors with Modified Near-Surface Layer ECS Transactions, 25 (2), 1523-1528 (2009).

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