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Ogranizing committee


S.I. Bredikhin - DrS, ISSP RAS, head of the laboratory

V.V. Ivanov - corr. member of RAS, DrS, MIPT, director of SEPM, chief researcher

Deputy chairman

D.A. Agarkov - PhD, MIPT, head of the laboratory, ISSP RAS, senior reseacher

Members of the Organising Committee

E.A. Agarkova ISSP RAS, junior reseacher

I.N. Burmistrov PhD, ISSP RAS, senior reseacher

A.A. Efimov PhD, MIPT, senior reseacher

I.A. Karpova ISSP RAS, engineer

O.A. Kogtenkova PhD, ISSP RAS, senior reseacher

G.M. Korableva ISSP RAS, junior reseacher

A.V. Samoilov PhD, ISSP RAS, reseacher

M.N. Urazov MIPT, engineer

Yu.S. Fedotov PhD, ISSP RAS, reseacher

E.S. Khromova ICP RAS, head of the department

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