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Conference topics

Following topics will be discussed during the conference:

  • Anion conductors. Fabrication of gas tight anion conductor plates. Thin-film technologies.
  • SOFC cathode materials. Synthesis and properties. New materials with mixed anion-electronic conductivity. Investigation of oxygen anion self-diffusion in materials with anion-electronic conductivity.
  • SOFC anode materials. Structure of properties of composite anode. Sulfur-tolerant anodes.
  • The mechanism of charge transfer and redox processes at the SOFC electrodes. Studying degradation mechanism and methods for improving operation time.
  • Membrane-electrode assemblies. Multilayered electrodes' deposition routes. Paste preparation.
  • SOFC design. Cell fabrication technologies and their performance.
  • High temperature glues and sealants.
  • Protective coatings. Deposition regimes optimization. Long-term stability tests.
  • Construction modeling and fabrication of current collectors.
  • Stack construction modeling including gas distribution, heat transfer and elastic stresses. Modeling of electrochemical processes.
  • SOFC based power sources.
  • Solid polimer electrolytes and membranes. New materials with high protonic conductivity.
  • Charge transport processes in protonic-exchange membranes, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen crossover.
  • Highly efficient catalysts for hydogen-air fuel cells. CO-tolerant catalysts, alcohol oxidation catalysts.
  • Investigation techniques for the materials, separate fuel cells components and stacks. Impedance speactroscopy.
  • Power sources based on fuel cells with protonic exhange memebrane.
  • Fuel processors for synthesis gas production. Alcohol and hydrocarbons production.
  • Hydrogen production routes and materials for hydrogen storage.
  • Alcaline fuel cells and power sources based on them.
  • Hybrid power sources.
  • Economical estimations of effectiveness of application of power sources based on fuel cells and their price.

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