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XI International Astronomy Olympiad
(The page below contains information that was possible before the Olympiad)


The XI International Astronomy Olympiad to be held in Bombay (Mumbai, India) on November 10-19, 2006.
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Armenia Bangladesh Brazil Bulgaria China Crimean peninsula Croatia Czechia India Indonesia Iran Kazakhstan Korea Lithuania Moscow land Romania Russia Serbia and Montenegro Sweden Thailand

Australia Belorussia Denmark Estonia Finland Georgia Greece Ireland Italy Japan Latvia Mexico Moldavia Poland Ukraine

XI International Astronomy Olympiad
Bombay (Mumbai), India, November 10-19, 2006.

Brief information - announcement

Dates, venue and arrangements

  • The 11th International Astronomy Olympiad will be held on November 10-19, 2006. (The dates are the same as for the IV NIS Olympiad that took place in SAO in 1999.)
  • The duration of the Olympiad is to be 10 days, it is longer than all previous Olympiads.
  • Homi Bhabha Centre For Science Education (HBCSE) of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) will make arrangements for local hospitality to all participants (contestants, team leaders, observers) from November 10 (day of the official arrival) to November 19 morning (day of the departure).
  • All participants will be accommodated in a hostel close to HBCSE (TIFR) in Bombay (Mumbai) in the residential campus of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC).
  • Additionally, the arrangements for one day before and one day after the event are possible (but not for more days). No any additional programme on the next or previous days may be organized (like it took place in 2001 in Crimea and was announced for 2002-2005) for some teams.

    Observers from new countries are welcome to the Olympiad!

  • Official languages of the Olympiad are Russian and English . Problems will be prepared by the Organizing Committee in these two languages and the leaders are responsible to translate tasks to native languages of participants just before the rounds (three hours before).
  • Character of the problems to solve will be analogous to ones of the previous International Astronomy Olympiads (1996-2005).

    Formation of the teams

  • One may find the rules regarding formation of teams in the Acting Statutes/Regulations of the International Astronomy Olympiad and the Supplementary Instructions N 3.


  • The first part of preparing application is presenting of a short report of National Olympiad of the current year for the Advisory Committee.
  • Necessary actual points of the report, the form and examples for the report are in the Supplementary Instructions N 10).
  • The report with texts of all problems used during all-national stages (including ones during the possible preparing camps) of the National Olympiad should be done in one of the official languages of the Olympiad (Russian or English).
  • The final minutes (protocols written in Latin or Cyrillic) of the Olympiad (evaluating of solutions of every problem of the students participated in the last stage of the Olympiad) should be included as well.
  • The report has to be presented in advance - at least 5 weeks before sending the official application.
  • E-mail for sending the reports.

    Not later than in five weeks after receiving the report (as usual - earlier) the Chairman of the Advisory Committee will issue resolution about possibility for the country to send full (or not full) team to the IAO (i.e. solution about the representation quota: according to # 5.2.1. or to # 5.2.2. of the Statutes/Regulations the team may be form).

    After receiving the resolution (and only after) about possible number of participants the country have to send application. Applications includes personal data of proposed team leaders and participants.

    Applications should be done not later the deadlines.

    Translation to the national language of participants of the Rules and Regulations for a participant of the Olympiad (from Russian or English) should be included to the application as well. For those who translated the document last year, the only a few modifications have to be done, see red colored text in files ia06pmr-.html or ia06pme-.html.


  • The official deadline for receiving the short report of National Olympiad of the current year with a set of all problems used on the National Olympiad:
    - 5 weeks before the team want to send application, i.e. preferably by June 11, 2006, in any case not later than June 26, 2006, 24 h of Indian time (18 h 30 m UT)
    E-mail for sending the reports.

  • The preferable deadline for receiving the applications from countries by the Advisory Committee (with all personal data for every person):
    - July 16, 2006, 24 h of Indian time (18 h 30 m UT).
    E-mails for sending applications. Please, use all three e-mails.

  • The final deadline for receiving the applications from countries by the Advisory Committee (with all personal data for every person):
    - July 31, 2006, 24 h of Indian time (18 h 30 m UT).
    E-mails for sending applications. Please, use all three e-mails.

    Last new from LOC:
    The last time for sending personal data of teams' members for XI IAO is extended to August 31, 2006.

    Note: The situation with the deadlines is quite different from ones at previous IAOs when delays were possible in the case a team take care about visas themselves. At the XI IAO any delay is not possible.

    The teams which take part in the XI IAO have to present necessary personal data about every participant (student, team leader and observer) to the Local Organizing Committee preferably by July 16, 2006, in any case not later than July 31, 2006.

    This is a requirement by the Government of India for security clearance of foreign visitors to any Conference, Symposium or allied event held by TIFR of which HBCSE is a constituent unit.

    LOC will issue and send invitations for you not later than in two weeks after receiving the valid application.

    After receiving the formal letter of invitation from the Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee, participants should apply to the Indian embassy/consulate for obtaining the necessary visas.

    Financial obligations

    Financial obligations of the participating states (i.e. fees) will be announced after adopting applications personally for every team.

    Committees of the XI IAO

    The Olympic Advisory Committee

  • M.G.Gavrilov (IAO Chairman) - Chairman,
  • A.Kumar (Mumbai, XI IAO-2006 LOC Chairman),
  • J.Zhu (Beijing, X IAO-2005 LOC Chairman),
  • I.V.Salnikov (Simferopol', IX IAO-2004 LOC Chairman),
  • A.R.Vaesterberg (Stockholm, VIII IAO-2003 LOC Chairman).

    Local Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Arvind Kumar, HBCSE Director (Mumbai) - Chairman
  • Web-site of LOC, E-mail of LOC

    Methodical Commissions

  • Dr. Michael G. Gavrilov - Chairman, Theoretical Round
  • Prof. Rajaram Nityananda - Chairman, Practical Round
  • Igor V. Salnikov - Chairman, Observational Round

    Jury Board

  • Prof. Rajaram Nityananda - Chairman
  • Dr. Michael G. Gavrilov - Vice-Chairman


    The following states are welcomed to participate:

    • Armenia Armenia
    • Belorussia Belarus
    • Brazil Brazil
    • Bulgaria Bulgaria
    • China China
    • Crimean peninsula Crimea
    • estonia Estonia
    • india India
    • indonesia Indonesia
    • iran Iran
    • ireland Ireland
    • italy Italy
    • japan Japan
    • kazakhstan Kazakhstan
    • korea Korea
    • latvia Latvia
    • lithuania Lithuania
    • moscow land Moscow Land
    • poland Poland
    • romania Romania
    • russia Russia
    • Serbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro
    • sweden Sweden
    • thailand Thailand
    • ukraine Ukraine

    Applications received from:

    • Armenia Armenia
    • Brazil Brazil
    • Bulgaria Bulgaria
    • China China
    • India India
    • Indonesia Indonesia
    • Iran Iran
    • Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
    • Korea Korea
    • Lithuania Lithuania
    • Romania Romania
    • Russia Russia
    • Serbia Serbia
    • Sweden Sweden
    • Thailand Thailand

    Applications to observe received from:

    Note: There is left-side traffic in India!

    Schedule of the Olympiad:

    • Thursday, November 9 - Arriving of some teams to Bombay
    • Friday, November 10 - Day of arrival
    • Saturday, November 11 - Day of opening ceremony
    • Sunday, November 12 - Day of the theoretical round
    • Monday, November 13 - Day of excursion to GMRT and the observational round
    • Tuesday, November 14 - Day of excursions in Pune
    • Wednesday, November 15 - Day of excursions
    • Thursday, November 16 - Day of the practical round
    • Friday, November 17 - Rest day
    • Saturday, November 18 - Day of closing ceremony
    • Sunday, November 19 - Day of teams departure
    • Monday, November 20 - Departure of some teams

    Rules and Regulations for a participant of the Olympiad.

    Personal data questionnaire and the order of their presenting (necessary with the application for all proposed participants and leaders)

    Weather forecast for Bombay (Mumbai)

    Helpful information about Bombay (Mumbai) and India

    Climate in Bombay (Mumbai), India

    Accommodation in Bombay (Mumbai): campus of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)

    Statutes on the Olympiad

    For those who want to send a team urgently

    Updated 20.09.2006.

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