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Avaliable methods of research

Total conductivity, Seebeck coefficient and ion transference number measurements in atmospheres

  • 4-probe DC conductivity measurements in controlled atmospheres, combined with Seebeck coefficient determination. The measurements can be performed in the temperature range 650 - 1000 at oxygen partial pressures from 10-20 up to 1 atm.
  • Impedance spectroscopy and 4-probe DC conductivity measurements at 20 - 1100 in flowing dried or humidified gases: air, O2, Ar, 7% H2 Ar, CO2 or their mixtures.
  • Ion transference number determination by modified electromotive force (EMF) and faradaic efficviency (FE) methods, taking electrode polation into account.
  • The oxygen and water vapor partial pressures in the gas flows are continuously controlled by sensors. When necessary, gas chromatographic analysis can also be used.
  • Long-term stability tests of selected materials and complex electrochemical cells.

Standard measuring ranges:
  • Total electrical conductivity: from 10-8 to 104 S/cm,
  • Grain-boundary contributions to electrical resistivity: 0.5 to 100%,
  • Seebeck coefficient: 1 to 800 V/K,
  • Oxygen ion transference numbers: 10-4 to 0.999,
  • Proton transference numbers: 0.05 to 0.99,
  • Electrolytic domain boundaries: 10-20 to 0.8 atm O2.

Types of materials tested:
  • Dense and porous ceramics,
  • Glass-ceramics,
  • Porous electrodes,
  • Multilayered electrochemical cells,
  • Green compacts.

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