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NiO-YSZ Anode
Solid oxyde fuel cell: from the side of the Ni-YSZ cermet anode
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    All-Russia conference «Fuel cells and Fuel Cell based Power Plants» (with international participation)
    This year, from 25th to 29th of June, the third conference "Fuel cells and Fuel Cell based Power Plants" was held by LSDS researchers subgroup in collaboration with InEnergy Group and IPCP RAS. Remarkably, German speaker with the delegates take part in the most significant Russian conference dedicated to fuel cells. During the conference all participants could meet people the most prominent in hydrogen energy field, particulary. Mainly, reports were devoted just as to the Future of hydrogen energy, possibal ways of its development and perspectives so to the latest development of constructions and materal base of Fuel Cells.

    Link to the conference website.


    "Defect physics" seminar
    On the 16th of June, past Friday, three researchers at once presented their scienctific reports:

    1. Kuritsyna I.E. "Physico-chemical properties of solid electrolytes based on scandia and yttria doped zirconia monocrystals"

    2. Demeneva N.V. "High-temperature? diffusion and its influence on resistance of metall-semiconductor surface"

    3. Tsybrov F.M. "Influence of current load on the anode-electrolyte surface's Raman spectra".


    Agarkov D.A. promotion!
    29 May, on the academic council, Dmitriy Agarkov presented scientific report on the theme:"Investigation of the current generating reaction on the triple-phase boundary in the composite SOFC electrodes". As a result, he took up a vacant Кesearcher position. Our congratulations!


    Buisness meeting with "Gazprom transgas Tomsk" Ltd colaborators
    Past Wednsday, on the 24th of May, LSDS SOFC subgroup met with the "Gazprom transgas Tomsk" Ltd colaborators. The theme of the negotiations was an opportunity to develop local planar SOFC for 6 kW self-contained power plants, which, in perspective, can be used on the company's objects.


    "Defect physics" seminar
    On the 26th of May, the next Friday, our leading researcher, Pavel Dolganov, will present the following papers:

    1. P.V. Dolganov, N.S. Shuravin, V.K. Dolganov, and A. Fukuda "Orientational action of edge dislocations on the director field in antiferroelectric smectic-C*a films" - Phys. Rev. E;

    2. P.V. Dolganov, N, S, Shuravin, V. K. Dolganov "Smektik islands in antisegnetoelectric's nanofilms" - JETP.


    International exhibition "ExpoElectronica"
    On the 20th International exhibition of electronical components, modules and parts "ExpoElectronica" which was held on April,25-27 in Moscow, solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) LSDS subgroup presented small-scale planar SOFC stack sample with power up to 500W for various purposes high-effective power sources. This work were carried out in cooperation with "NEVZ-Ceramics", Novosibirsk. The report was awarded with a diploma.

    Exhibition diploma


    Tereschenko A.N. promotion!
    22th of May, on the academic council, Tereschenko Alexey presented scientific report on the theme: "Investigations of defects and their interactions in inderect semiconductors for optoelectronic's and energy-saving technology's aims". As a result, he took up a vacant Senior Researcher position. Our congratulations!


    14.610.21.0007 project of Russian ministry of science and education is successfully finished
    As a result of the project, 500-2000W power plant was developed.
    Power plant is based on the SOFC stacks, which were produced by ISSP RAS team of developers.
    SOFC stacks are based on the planar electrolyte-supported SOFC with multilayered solid electrolyte membranes and multilayered electrodes.
    Power plant was successfully tested at the Krylov State Center in Saint-Petersburg.

    Project presentation


    Проверка ИФТТ пожарниками
    С 4 июля (и в течение 20 дней) наш институт будет проверяться пожарниками. В связи с этим прошу ответственных за комнаты подготовиться к проверке.
    Наиболее часто встречаются следующие нарушения: захламленность комнат, размещение посторонних предметов на эл. щитках, нахождение горючих и легковоспламеняющихся жидкостей в комнатах.


    В пятницу, 22 апреля 2011 года, состоится субботник по уборке территории. С этого года за ЛСДС и ЛКК (зав. лаб. А.А.Левченко) закреплена уборка кладбища в д.Макарово. Сбор сотрудников у ЗАГСА. В 9:00 будет институтский автобус. Просьба быть вовремя и сообщить о субботнике всем сотрудникам ваших групп.


    Happy Birthday LSDS!
    Happy birthday!


    Died Y.A. Ossipyan
    Юрий Андреевич Оссипьян
    15.02.1931 - 10.09.2008

        Институт физики твердого тела Российской Академии наук с глубоким прискорбием сообщает о безвременной кончине 10 сентября 2008 года, на 78-м году жизни, академика Осипьяна Юрия Андреевича - Героя социалистического труда, выдающегося ученого и организатора отечественной науки, привнесшего неоценимый мировой вклад в развитие физики конденсированного состояния вещества, основателя ИФТТ РАН, декана физико-химического факультета МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова, и выражает самые сердечные и теплые слова сочувствия родным, близким и многочисленным друзьям покойного.

    Гражданская панихида состоится в пятницу 12 сентября 2008 г. в Черноголовке.
    10.00 – в ИФТТ РАН
    11.30 – в Доме Ученых НЦЧ РАН


    Medal from Lucerne
    Our SOFC team has been awarded with a medal on 8th European SOFC Forum. This medal has been awarded for the best poster presentation.

    Here are the list of our winners on this conference:
    1. Ivan Bredikhin, S.Bredikhin, A.Aronin, V.Sinitsyn, V.Kveder «SOFC Anode Performance Enhancement through nano-structured heterojunction formation»
    2. Ilya Burmistrov, S.I. Bredikhin «Cathode overpotential invesstigation by means of "built-in" potential electrode»


    New staff members
    We have a new staff members in our laboratory:
    Tsoi Valery Stepanovich
    Tsoi Natalya Pavlovna
    Alova Svetlana Vladimirovna

    We a sure that with such well-known talented scientists our lab would be able to achieve new brilliant results.


    8 march
    Поздравляем наших милых девушек с 8 марта!
    Большое спасибо Вам за вашу красоту и обояние, за всё то тепло, которое вы привносите в наше общество.
    Поздравляем вас!!!


    45 year of ISSP
    The 45th anniversary of the institute foundation!
    Hurray! We do congratulate him with such a wonderful event.
    Photos from the birthday party.