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1st Information letter

Dear colleagues!

From 25th to 29th of June the Institute of Solid State Physics RAS (ISSP RAS) and the Institute of Problem of Chemical Physics RAS (IPCP RAS) lead the 4th All-Russian conference Fuel cells and power sources on their base with international participation on the base of the Main tourists complex Syzdal, in the town Syzdal, Vladimir region

All-Russian conferences Fuel cells and the power sources on their base carry out every two years and take on the role of the place to discuss current state and perspectives of researches in the actual solid state physics and physical chemistry fields physics of ion conductors and materials with mixed ionic-electronic conductivity. On the conference a wide range of the fundamental problems will be discussed including: the mechanism of charge transfer and redox processes at the SOFC electrodes; obtaining and studying the properties of the new materials with mixed ionic-electronic conductivity; structure and characteristics of composite elecrodes; interconnectors materials and protective coatings; impedance spectroscopy; membrane-electrode assembling construction; fuel cells fabrication technology and its characteristics; thin-film technology; development of the construction and the scalable laboratory technology of fuel cell stack manufacturing.

The attention will be focused on the issues connected with solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC), and also on development of the fuel cells power source. Such industrial companies as PJSC Gazprom, OAK, PJSC Kamaz, GC Rosatom and others, are potential customers of the fuel cell power sources, assumed to be participants of the conference.

The following questions will be discussed:
  • Anion conductors. Fabrication of gas tight anion conductor plates. Thin-film technologies.
  • SOFC cathode materials. Synthesis and properties. New materials with mixed anion-electronic conductivity. Investigation of oxygen anion self-diffusion in materials with anion-electronic conductivity.
  • SOFC anode materials. Structure of properties of composite anode. Sulfur-tolerant anodes.
  • The mechanism of charge transfer and redox processes at the SOFC electrodes. Studying degradation mechanism and methods for improving operation time.
  • Membrane-electrode assemblies. Multilayered electrodes' deposition routes. Paste preparation.
  • SOFC design. Cell fabrication technologies and their performance.
  • High temperature glues and sealants.
  • Protective coatings. Deposition regimes optimization. Long-term stability tests.
  • Construction modeling and fabrication of current collectors.
  • Stack construction modeling including gas distribution, heat transfer and elastic stresses. Modeling of electrochemical processes.
  • SOFC based power sources.
  • Solid polimer electrolytes and membranes. New materials with high protonic conductivity.
  • Charge transport processes in protonic-exchange membranes, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen crossover.
  • Highly efficient catalysts for hydogen-air fuel cells. CO-tolerant catalysts, alcohol oxidation catalysts.
  • Investigation techniques for the materials, separate fuel cells components and stacks. Impedance speactroscopy.
  • Power sources based on fuel cells with protonic exhange memebrane.
  • Fuel processors for synthesis gas production. Alcohol and hydrocarbons production.
  • Hydrogen production routes and materials for hydrogen storage.
  • Alcaline fuel cells and power sources based on them.
  • Hybrid power sources.
  • Economical estimations of effectiveness of application of power sources based on fuel cells and their price.
Organizing committee of the 4th All-Russia conference Fuel cells and the power sources on its base with international participation inform, that on-line registration is open on the conference web-site. Organizing committee remind to all participants about necessity of pre-registration. Please, mark if you need a hotel and select required dates.

Bredikhin S.I. Tel: +7(496) 5221629 Fax: +7(496) 5228160 email: FuelCell2017@issp.ac.ru