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2nd Information letter


From 25th to 29th of June the Institute of Solid State Physics RAS (ISSP RAS) and the Institute of Problem of Chemical Physics RAS (IPCP RAS) lead the 4th All-Russian conference Fuel cells and power sources on their base with international participation on the base of the Main tourists complex Syzdal, in the town Syzdal, Vladimir region.

Organizing committee of the 4th All-russian conference with international participation "Fuel cells and power sources based on them" would like to remind that on-line registration is open at the web-page of the conference. Pay attention to the registration fee preferential payment extending to the 2017 14th of April.

Preliminary information about invited speakers confirmed their participation is available on the conference web-site. The list of invited speakers and titles of invited reports will be clarified and extend in the near future.

The conference organising committee reminds about the pre-registration for participants of the Conference. While registering, mark the need for a hotel and preliminary dates of your stay.

Bredikhin S.I. Tel: +7(496) 5221629 Fax: +7(496) 5228160 email: FuelCell2017@issp.ac.ru