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NiO-YSZ Anode
Solid oxyde fuel cell: from the side of the Ni-YSZ cermet anode
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    LSDS ISSP 2008 Чинакова Н.А. Кведер В.В. Осипьян Ю.А. Бредихин С.И. Шевченко С.А. Хорошева М.А. Шалынин А.И. Копылов А.Д. Орлов В.И. Коровкин Е.В. Гаспаров В.А. Штейман Э.А. Мозжухин Н. Дубовицкий А.В. Терещенко А.Н. Казанцев Г.В. Курицына И.Е. Ледуховская Н.В. Бредихин И.С.

    Laboratory of spectroscopy of defect structures (LSDS) was one of the first in the ISSP RAS. Founder and first leader of the laboratory academician Yurii Andreevich Ossipyan was simultaneously the director of the ISSP RAS.

    Corresponding member of RAS Vitaly Vladimirovich Kveder was leader of the Laboratory from 1988 till 2011. From 2002 till now he is a Director of Institute of Solid State Physics Russian Academy of Science

    Current leader of the LSDS is Bredikhin Sergey Ivanovich

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    Institute of Solid State Physics RAS,
    Chernogolovka, Moscow district., Academician Osipyan str., 2, 142432 Russia
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