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  -Designing of parts, units and mechanisms of vacuum equipment
- Adjustment starting maintenance of complicated equipment.


Firm “Song” was organized on basis of the Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, in 1990.
The Firm specializes in the development of high technologies, materials, and equipment.
Our materials and technologies have been successfully used during the rebuilding of Christ the Savior Cathedral, restoration works in the Kremlin, reconstruction of “Luzhniki” big sports arena, Government and some big banks buildings in Moscow and other cities.
The Firm has developed various vacuum technologies, designed and fabricated unique equipment and setups.
Workers of the Firm have to their credit more than 50 research papers, inventor’s certificates and one FRG patent.
In 2001, the Firm “Song” was nominated for the major All-Russian public award in business “Russian National Olympus”.
Complicated optical, corrosion-resistant and decorative coating on various materials
Sheet glass and stainless steel with decorative coatings of wide color spectrum
Designing and fabrication of powerful and highly stable energy sources (~ 100 kW)
Research work.