RUS Laboratory for Spectroscopy of Molecular Structures

Main directions of investigations:

Optics and spectroscopy of molecular and liquid crystals, fullerenes, superthin molecular films. Optical studies of structure, phase transitions, pretransitional phenomena, structural modifications in external field and under high pressure. Different spectral and optical methods are employed in the investigations: transmission, reflection spectroscopy, light scattering, rotation of the plane of polarization of light, luminescence, polarized and depolarized optical microscopy, investigations in electric and magnetic field, under high pressure.

Structures and phase transitions in liquid crystals.

Structure and phase transitions in thin film are mainly determined by surface, fluctuational phenomena, two-dimensionality of the system, confined geometry. Studies of phase transitions on the surface, influence of the surface on structure of the film, dependence of properties and structure of the film on its thickness require investigations employing superthin films (with thickness of several molecular layers) having perfect struture. Thin free standing smectic films due to high structural quality (absence of dislocations and other defects), relative simplicity of preparation, possibility to obtain a film with a desired number of layers are ideal objects for investigations of structure and phase transitions in samples of confined dimensions, surface phenomena, two-dimensional structures, self-organization of inclusions in two-dimensional anisotropic media. More...

Ferroelectricity and electrooptical effects in thin liquid crystal films.

Polar characteristics of thin films differ sufficiently from those of bulk samples. Polarization induced by the surface, flexoelectric polarization in many cases are dominating and determine the electrooptical characteristics of smectic films. Mechanisms leading to emerging of polarization in films, its influence on structure and orientational dynamics at present time are not completely understood. Methods developed in the laboratory enable to determine in free standing films of different types liquid crystals values of polarization, two-dimensional constants of orientational elasticity. Data on these vales are also important for technical applications directed at using smectic liquid crystals in data display units. More...

Investigations of fullerenes polymers and hydrides

Investigations of phonon spectra, phase transitions, and irreversible transformations at high pressure are conducted in hydrides and polymers of C60 fullerene. More...

Liquid-crystal based photonic crystals

Optical studies of photonic liquid crystals are performed, including cholesteric liquid crystals and blue phases. Spectral properties of different phases are investigated. Of especial interest are field-induced transformations and formation of new structures in electric field.

Instabilities in liquid crystals

Phenomena which attract our attention are electrohydrodynamic instability, formation of patterns and chaotic behavior, optical properties of complex structures. More...

Investigations at the Laboratory are supported by the following projects:

1. Program of Presidium RAS "Influence of atomic and crystalline structure on properties of condenced media".
2. Grant of the President of Russian Federation MK-2458.2011.2.
3. Grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.