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The scientific-methodical work is an important component of the LSR work, which should satisfy the needs of employees of other laboratories of the ISSP RAS both in structure investigations and in interpretation of the obtained results. The methodical work includes the carrying out of investigations for employees of other laboratories by orders. It consists of measurements and determination of required characteristics of a specimen, like phase composition, single crystal orientation, dimension and form of structure components, chemical composition. These works are divided into the following groups:

X-ray works:

  Phase analysis of polycrystalline materials;
  Certification of single crystals, determination of single crystal orientation, preparation of oriented crystal cuts, determination of syngony, and calculation of lattice parameters using X-ray topographs of rocking;
  Operation with structure database;
  Full-profile analysis of X-ray spectra of powders.

Electron microscopic works:

  Putting of electron microscopes at someone disposal for self-working of advanced employees of other laboratories and their servicing;
  Carrying out of investigation orders by transmission and scanning electron microscopy;
  Determination of specimen composition by local X-ray spectral microanalysis.


LSR has following experimental equipment:
- X-ray diffractometers Siemens D-500 and DRON-4, DRON-2 with possibilities of carrying out experiments at low and high temperatures,
- low-angular X-ray diffractometer AMUR
- the equipment for of X-ray topography: a spectrometer on the base of D4C source and the goniometer A-4 (Rigaku firm), a spectrometer on the base of RU-200 , the two-crystal spectrometer URT-2 (Russia),
- scanning an electronic microscope of Supra 50VP c by possibilities of energy-dispersive and wave microanalysis,
- transmission electron microscope of JEM-100CX-11,
- high resolution electron microscope of JEOL 4000 EX,
- the equipment for electron microscope sample preparation,
-equipment for a sputtering of thin layers of various materials, mechanical, ionic and electrolytic polishing of samples, etc.,
- computer programs of processing of experimental data.
-equipment for production of amorphous alloys by rapid quenching of melt on a rotating disk,
- installations for research of a photo and a x-ray luminescence,
- Mossbauer spectrometer.



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