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The scientific researches which are carried out to laboratories can be subdivided into some groups conditionally:

1. Study of real structure and phase transformations, establishment of correlation of structure and properties

in amorphous and nanocrystalline materials
in stsintillyator
(S.Z.Shmurak, A.P.Kiselev)

2. Researches of structure and phase transitions under various conditions

in metals and alloys (A.S.Aronin, G.E.Abrosimova, I.M.Aristova, O.G.Rybchenko, D.V.Matveev, N.N. Orlova, E.A.Pershina)
in organic and inorganic materials, (A.S.Aronin, G. E.Abrosimova, I.M.Aristova, D.V.Matveev, I.M.Shmytko)
in oxide systems (I.M.Shmytko, S.Z. Shmurak, V.D. Sedykh, A.P.Kiselev,)
in aperiodic systems (I.M.Shmytko,)

3. Researches of real structure of crystals

study of diffraction mechanisms of formation of defect image of crystal lattice (E.V.Suvorov, I.A.Smirnova)
research of thin layers by methods of X-ray diffraction optics (E.V.Suvorov, I.M.Shmytko, I.A.Smirnova)


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