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Grant of the Russian Federal Property Fund:

12-02-00537 «Specific features of formation of nanostructure at plastic deformation of amorphous alloys» (A.S. Aronin) 

10-02-00195 «Influence of tension on processes of nanostructure formation in amorphous alloys» (G.Å. Abrosimova)

10-02-00269 «Complex research of the hybrid systems consisting of metal nanoparticles, introduced in the organic molecular semiconductor” (I.M. Aristova)

09-02-00529-“Role  of shear bands in formation nanocrystal structures at deformation of amorphous alloys” (A.S. Aronin)

09-02-00241 «X-ray diffraction study of hybrid molecular conductors on the basis of organic p-electronic donors and magnetic metalcomplexes» (R.P. Shibayeva)

07-02-91586 ÀÑÏ_à (2007-2008, Russia-Italy)) «Structure, magnetic and mechanical properties of nanostructural microwires in a glass cover» (A.S. Aronin)

06-02-16677 (2006-2008) «Formation, structure and properties of the nanocrystalline materials prepared by crystallization of amorphous alloys under severe plastic deformation» (A.S.Aronin)

06-02-16535 (2006-2008) Different oxides on the basis of manganite: formation of the set structural conditions and base characteristics by an alloying and external impacts on a material (V.Sh.Shekhtman)

06-02-16536-and (2006-2008) Diffraction of X-rays in crystals on spatial localized deformations in Laue, Laue-Bragg and Laue-Bragg-Laue's geometry (E.V.Suvorov)

06–03–32875, Scientific bases of production of nanostructural alloys on the basis of aluminum (A.A.Mazilkin)

05-02-16980 (2005-2007) «Low-dimensional molecular conductors: questions of a structural complementary of organic and inorganic layers in new hybrid materials» (R.P.Shibayeva)

04-02-17575 (2004-2006) Optical phenomena in the crystals, accompanying movement of dislocations in a magnetic field. (S.Z.Shmurak)

04-02-97251 (2004-2006) Research of possibilities of use micro and nanostructures for increase of efficiency of radiating detectors. (S.Z.Shmurak)

04-02-17345 (2004-2006) «Diffraction research of structural changes in nanocrystals with FCC  lattice» (G.E.Abrosimova)

 03-02-17227 (2003-2005) - «Specific features of formation, structure and properties of the bulk nanocrystal materials produced by crystallization of amorphous Fe- and Zr- based alloys». (A.S. Aronin)

03-02-17232 (2003-2005) Structural phase transformations in not alloyed manganite of a lanthanum of LaMnO 3 + d and their correlation with magnetic transitions (V.Sh.Shekhtman)

03-02-17486-(2003-2005) X-ray optics of formation of the diffraction image of defects in crystals. (E.V.Suvorov)

 03–02–16947, Structure and mechanical properties of metals and alloys in nano - and a microcrystalline condition (A.A.Mazilkin)   

Program of Presidium and Physic Scienbce Departmant of the Russian Academy of Sciences   


- Magnetic structure and properties of low-dimensional conductors (microwires) in a glass cover with an amorphous and nanocrystal core and their interrelation with structure (A.S.Aronin )

- Influence of dimensional characteristics of the alloyed manganites of a lanthanum on transport properties of a material (V.Sh.Shekhtman)

- Structure and properties of the low-dimensional bifunctional molecular materials combining conductivity (or superconductivity) and magnetism (R. P. Shibayeva)

- Structure and properties of multicomponent ionic complexes fullerenes (S.S.Khasanov)

- Research of formation of nanocrystal structure in metal glasses at various external influences (A.S.Aronin)

- Influence of conditions of thermal processing on features of structural transformations in family of difficult oxides on the basis of a lanthanum and manganese  (V.Sh.Shekhtman)

- Nanocrystal structure in alloys on the base of transitional metals: formation, atomic and magnetic structure, magnetic properties (A.S.Aronin)

- Structure and properties of low-dimensional organic conductors and hybrid molecular crystals (RP.Shibayeva)



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