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Main directions of researches:

Structure, phase transformations, correlation of structure and properties

  • in amorphous and nanocrystal materials,
  • in stsintillyators.

Structure and phase transitions

  • in metals and alloys,
  • in organic and inorganic materials,
  • in oxides

Real structure and defects in crystals.

The Laboratory of structure research (LSR) was formed in 2003 by a way of association of Laboratory of X-ray optics and electronic microscopy (LXROEM) and Laboratory of the structural analysis (LSA).  

 LSA started to function in IFTT of Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1964 in the beginning as group of the X-ray diffraction analysis. The status of laboratory was approved as the Academic Council in 1976. The structure of laboratory changed in process of growth of IFTT, development of new techniques and expansion of scientific subjects. LXROEM it was formed in 1981 on the basis of X-ray group of Laboratory of real structure. In 2012 from structure of LSR the sector of the element and structural analysis was allocated 

Now in LSR has in opportunity main equipment connected with studying of structure and compositions of materials: the equipment both for X-ray investigations and for the electron microscopy study of single-crystal, quasicrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous objects at low (up to helium), room and increased temperatures. The laboratory as scientific division always is distinguished by fast adaptation to emergence of new classes of objects and development of own approaches to the analysis of unusual structures. The similar approach was brightly shown at research of aperiodic crystals and structures, metal glasses and nanocrystal materials, etc.



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