Affiliated Department of Physical Chemistry of MISA

Affiliated Department of Physical Chemistry of Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys at Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences

Students of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys have been trained at the Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP) RAS since 1969. Till 1985 engineers were trained by “Physics of Metals” program, speciality “Physics of Strength”, and beginning 1987 – “Physics and Technology of Amorphous and Microcrystallline Alloys”. The affiliated Department of Physical Chemistry of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (Moscow University of Technology) at the Institute of Solid State Physics RAS was formed in 1974 on the initiative and with direct participation of the prominent Soviet scientist Ch.V.Kopetskii who headed the department over a number of years.
Since then more than 150 specialists have been trained. Now there are 6 DPhils and 75 PhDs among them. For the last 5 years 15 people graduated from the affiliated Department of Physical Chemistry at ISSP RAS, 12 them stayed to work at ISSP.

Leading scientists in different fields of modern solid state physics are teaching at the affiliated Department of Physical Chemistry: Prof. V.E.Antonov, Prof. E.V.Suvorov, head of the department, Prof. A.S.Aronin, academic secretary of the department. In 2003 a new speciality, “Physics”, was included into the curriculum.  The students can attend a number of courses on a wide range of scientific problems.

•  Effect of high pressure on structure and properties of matter,
•  Real structure of crystals,
•  Stable and metastable phases.
•  Theory of non-equilibrium systems,
•  Thermodynamics of metastable states,
• Thermodynamics of multi-component systems,
•  Phase T-C diagrams of multi-component systems,
•  Phase T-C-P diagrams,
•  Phase transformations in multi-component systems,
•  Physics of non-equilibrium condensed systems,
•  Physics of modern techniques of investigation  of real crystal structure,
•  Physical properties and symmetry of crystals,
•  Electronic properties of materials and their components in normal and superconducting states.

Courses are given in Moscow and in Chernogolovka.

Pregraduation practice is supervised by well-known scientists and held at the institute laboratories with the use of modern scientific equipment. Students’ diploma works are part of the laboratory scientific plan.

The training course at the Chernogolovka affiliated Department begins from the 3rd course (6th term). Students get acquainted with the institute laboratories, the range of scientific problems, choose a field of research, the laboratory and the scientific supervisor. Then each student is trained individually. At the 4th course students can spend up to 2 days a week in Chernogolovka, at the 5th and 6th  course – 3-5 days a week working on their diploma papers at the institute laboratories. In Chernogolovka students are provided with hostel accommodation. Besides, they can work at ISSP RAS as engineers on a part-time basis (0.5). After finishing their diploma work and the training course, young specialists can stay for a two-year study or take a post-graduate course at ISSP RAS.