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1955 – Graduated from MISIS as a metallurgical engineer
1962 – Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences
1968 – Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences
1968 – Professor
1972 – Corresponding Member of Academy of Science USSR
1980 – Academician specialized in Physics
1963-1973 – Deputy Director of the Institute of Solid State Physics AS USSR
1973-2002 – Director of the institute
2002-2008 – Research Advisor at the ISSP RAS
1970-2008 – Professor and the Head of the Chair of Solid State Physics, MIPT
1980-2006 – The Head of the Chair of Condensed Matter, Faculty of Physics, MSU; Professor Emeritus, MSU
2006-2008 – Dean of Physicochemical Faculty, MSU

Scientific-organizational activities:

1988-2003 – Chairman of board of directors in Noginsk Scientific Center AS; later Chairman of the Presidium in Chernogolovka Scientific Center RAS
1988-1991 – Vice-President in AS USSR
1991-2001 – Member of Presidium RAS
2001-2008 – Advisor of Presidium RAS

Participation in the work of scientific and non-governmental organizations:

Academic Secretary, and then Chairman of the Joint Scientific Council AS USSR on a complex issue of solid state physics, later the Scientific Council RAS on condensed matter physics; President of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics; Chairman of the Committee of Russian Scientists for Global Security; member of the Russian Pugwash Committee, Chairman of the National Committee of Russian Crystallographers; member of the International Committee COSPAR; member of the Council of the European Physical Society; Chairman of the Committee of Russian Scientists for Disarmament; member of the International Academy of Astronautic; Foreign Member of National Academy of Sciences in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary; member of the National Engineering Academy of USA and the Asia-Pacific Academy of Materials.
Editor-in-chief of the physico-mathematical journals for schoolchildren “Kvant” and series “Biblioteka Kvanta”; editor-in-chief of scientific journals “Journal of Surface Investigation. X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques”, “Journal of Material Science” and “Physica С”.


1984 – The P.N. Lebedev Gold Medal for discovery of photoplastic effect in semiconductors
1988 – The Gold Medal and the A.P. Karpinskii International prize (Germany)
2005 – The International CRDF prize
2005 – The M.V. Lomonosov Big Gold Medal from RAS for fundamental contribution to dislocational physics in solids and discovery of photoplastic effect
1986 – The Hero of Socialist Labour
1982, 1986 – The Order of Lenin
1979, 1982 – The Order of the Red Banner of Labour
1990 – The National Order of the Legion of Honour (France); the Simon Bolivar Order (Columbia)
1999 – The Order "For Merit to the Fatherland", II class