Corresponding Member Cheslav V. Kopetsky (1932–1988)

Cheslav V. Kopetsky
(1.03. 1932—27.01.1988)

Cheslav V. Kopetsky is a chemist and metallurgist, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (since 1979). He was born in the village of Nosikovka (Vinnytsia Oblast). Cheslav V. Kopetsky graduated from Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (1954), until 1957 he had been working at Podolsk Mechanical Plant, since 1957 until 1966 – at the Institute of Metallurgy of the USSR Academy of Sciences, since 1966 – at the Institute of Solid State Physics of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Since January 1, 1984 Cheslav

V. Kopetsky had been heading the new-founded Institute for Problems in Microelectronics and Ultrapure Materials Technology. At the same time, since 1978 he had been Professor of Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys.

Cheslav V. Kopetsky’s main investigations are devoted to the development of methods of obtaining and studying high-purity metals and alloys, the study of physics and chemistry of metal and alloy surface (in particular, grain boundaries), and the creation of technology of refractory metals and alloys. He has developed the method of electron-beam zone refining of high-purity refractory metals, and complex methods of obtaining high-purity metals. Cheslav V. Kopetsky has formulated the main structural principles of treatment technology of refractory metals with body-centered cubic lattice. He has experimentally determined the fundamental properties of high-angle grain boundaries in high-purity metals, discovered the effects of boundary separation from impurities, activationless boundary motion, and others. Cheslav V. Kopetsky has developed the methods of structure control, materials and processing procedures which find applications in microelectronics.