Valery T. Dolgopolov

Prof. DPhil Valery T. Dolgopolov
Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences
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Valery T. Dolgopolov is a specialist in low-temperature solid state physics and the author of more than 150 scientific papers (including 10 reviews). His researches focus mainly on the investigation of low-temperature electron transport properties of solids.

Main results of scientific research:

  • a novel mechanism of electromagnetic excitation of sound in normal metals has been discovered;
  • nonlinear transformation of electromagnetic waves in normal metals and superconductors has been studied. Current states have been discovered which consist in spontaneous appearance of a constant magnetic moment in samples irradiated with radio-frequency electromagnetic waves;
  • a direct experimental proof of existence of dissipation-free flowing along delocalized states under Fermi level in both integer and fractional quantum Hall effect has been made using experimental realization of the well-known Laughlin’s “thought” experiment;
  • an effect of screening on the temperature dependence of elastic relaxation time in two-dimensional electron systems has been investigated;
  • anomalous properties of low-density two-dimensional electron systems (susceptibility and effective mass anomalies) have been studied which are caused by strong electron-electron interaction.

Four DPhils and nine PhDs are among V.T. Dolgopov’s students.

The listed results were recognized both in Russia and abroad.

V.T. Dolgopov was awarded the Academy of Sciences’ Medal for the best research paper of a young scientist in 1972. In 1994, he was a professor of the E. Heraeus Foundation. In 2001, V.T. Dolgopolov won A. von Humboldt Foundation’s Award.