Vladislav B.Timofeev

Prof. DPhil  Vladislav  B.Timofeev
Member of Russian Academy of Sciences

Vladislav  B.Timofeev  is a well-known scientist working in the field of semiconductor and solid state physics,  the author and coauthor of more than 200 scientific papers including 14 reviews and 2 joint papers. He has studied phase diagrams of condensation into metal electron-hole liquid and thermodynamics of non-equilibrium electron-hole systems in semiconductors. In non-equilibrium electron-hole gas he discovered new quasi-particles, namely, exciton molecules, and researched into their properties. Spin-oriented exciton gas was experimentally realized as a new quantum object, and its quantum statistical behavior investigated. V. B. Timofeev established gigantic radiative probabilities of exciton-impurity complexes in direct-gap semiconductors. In his papers on multi-exciton complexes he determined their stability and carried out comprehensive classification of their electron and hole terms in accordance with their shell structure. In optical spectroscopy of high temperature superconductors V. B. Timofeev was the first to research into inelastic scattering of light caused by sub-gap excitation in oxide superconductors.  As a result, strong anisotropy of scattering determined by the anisotropy of the superconducting gap was found in that class of high temperature superconductors. The above works are very well known and internationally recognized.

V. B. Timofeev has been recently leading a pioneer research into the optical properties of low-dimensional semiconductor structures. In that fast developing field he discovered the effects of fractional quantization of Hall resistance in silicon field transistors, suggested and realized the spectroscopy method of measuring Coulomb gaps in the fractional quantum Hall effect. He also found Wigner crystallization of two-dimensional electrons in a single heterojunction, investigated the Coulomb correlation effects in systems with spatially separated electron-hole layers in which Bose condensation of spatially indirect excitons was detected. The research works made by V. B. Timofeev laid the foundations of a new trend, namely, magnetooptics of low-dimensional electron systems in the ultra-quantum limit.

In the laboratory of non-equilibrium electron processes set up by V. B. Timofeev in 1976 a number of qualified research workers have been trained, twenty of them PhD’s and seven DPhil’s, one member of the research team has become a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. V. B.Timofeev is a professor of the Moscow Physical Technical Institute.

V. B. Timofeev is Chairman of the Board of Semiconductor Physics, Scientific Council of the General Physics  and Astronomy Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a member of the Spectroscopy Committee, the Scientific Council of the General Physics  and Astronomy Division, member of the Physical Sciences Department  of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the Presidium (Managing Board) of the Chernogolovka Academic Center, member of the IUPAP International Semiconductor Physics Committee, member of editorial boards of a number of Russian and international scientific journals. V. B.Timofeev is a USSR State Prize- and the international Alexaner-von-Humboldt Prize-Winner. He has received a number of state awards for his services to physics.