Vladimir A. Borodin

DPhil  Vladimir A. Borodin
Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences
General Director of Experimental Factory of Scientific Engineering with Special Design Department, Russian Academy of Sciences

Vladimir A. Borodin is a well-known physicist working in the field of flux crystal growth and development of applicable automated equipment.

He has developed new techniques for flux growing of complex items, namely, variation shaping and local dynamic shaping. These techniques are implemented in a unique growth unit, “crystallization center”, that enables programmed single crystal flux growth of complex hollow items, particularly sapphires, with a variable side surface. In his works on mathematical simulation of heat and mass transfer occurring during Stepanov crystal growth V.A.Borodin established  that the dynamic melt flow in the liquid meniscus near the crystallization front has a significant effect on the balance of forces acting on the pulled crystal. That was experimentally confirmed and implemented in the novel automated crystal growth equipment with adaptive control systems integrated into the NIKA-CM unit manufactured by the Experimental Factory of Scientific Engineering for Czochralski and Stepanov growth of refractory oxides. The adaptive control system enabled manufacture of the first fully automated (through-automation) unit for group growth of sapphire plates, rods and tubes. A unique Profile-P was developed for Stepanov growth of large  sapphire plates with a record size of 300x500xx8 mm. Plates 300 mm wide were obtained. The local dynamic shaping technique was used for fabrication of sapphire missile domes up to 110 mm in diameter on “crystallization center” units .

In 2004  V.A.Borodin was awarded the State Service Medal.

In 2006  V.A.Borodin was elected  a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Scientific Engineering Division).