The International Astronomy Olympiad

Since 1996

XXIII International Astronomy Olympiad
Colombo, Sri Lanka, October 6-14, 2018.

XXIII Международная астрономическая олимпиада
Коломбо, Шри-Ланка, 6-14 октября 2018 г.


Statutes and Regulations. List of documents

For the first time visitor of the International Astronomy Olympiad site

Founding of the Olympiad

Founding Statutes of the International Astronomy Olympiad

Acting Statutes/Regulations

Note about literacy.

The Olympic Period

Guideline for new participating countries

Teams at the Olympiads

Rules and Regulations for a participant of the Olympiad

Syllabus paradigm

ANRAO, application to be ANRAO

SI #3 Important Notes

SI #4 IAO-type events

SI #7 Personal data questionnaire and the order of their presenting

SI #8 Design of Diploma

The degign is very formal.

SI #10 Form for the short report of National Olympiad, which has to be presented by the team applicating to participate in IAO

SI #11 General Rules for organization and holding of the National Astronomy Olympiads

SI #13 Order of teams formation. Permissions for inclusion students in the teams depending on citizenship, place of residence and study

SI #14 Rules for changing team by a participant

IAO team codes

IAO-codes for new countries-participants are assigned after their
first contact with the Olympic Council with a will to join IAO-APAO.

The Next International Astronomy Olympiads

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    Dr. Michael G. Gavrilov, Founding Chairman of the International Astronomy Olympiad,
    ISSP of Russ. Acad. Sci., Academician Ossipyan street 2, 142432 Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia.

    fax: + 7-(496-52)-28-160