Физика низких температур

руководитель: Храпай B.C. 2-29-46
секретарь: Капустин А.А. 2-29-46, 2 82 61, 2 81 22

Среда 19 сентября 10:00 аудитория КМП

В.С. Храпай

Влияние спиновой релаксации на неравновесные шумы и кондактанс в квазиодномерных электронных системах
(обзор двух теоретических работ).

доклад по статьям:
  1. Current noise generated by spin imbalance in presence of spin relaxation, V. S. Khrapai and K. E. Nagaev, JETP Letters, Volume 105, Issue 1, pp 18–20 (2017).
  2. Spin-orbit coupling and resonances in the conductance of quantum wires, V. S. Khrapai and K. E. Nagaev, Phys. Rev. B 98, 121401(R) (2018).

Среда 12 сентября 10:00 аудитория КМП

Д.В. Шовкун

Noise insights into electronic transport.

Typical experimental measurement is set up as a study of the system’s response to a stationary external excitation. This approach considers any random fluctuation of the signal as spurious contribution which is to be eliminated via time-averaging or, equivalently, bandwidth reduction. Beyond that lies a conceptually different paradigm – the measurement of the system’s spontaneous fluctuations. The goal of this overview article is to demonstrate how current noise measurements bring insight into hidden features of electronic transport in various mesoscopic conductors, ranging from 2D topological insulators to individual carbon nanotubes.

Обзорный доклад по статье:

S.U.Piatrusha, L.V.Ginzburg, E.S.Tikhonov, D.V.Shovkun, G.Koblmüller, A.V.Bubis, A.K.Grebenko, A.G.Nasibulin, V.S.Khrapai, Письма в ЖЭТФ 108, 71 (2018).