Четверг, 24 декабря 2020 года, 11-00 в конференц-зале

Статьи в печать:

1. A.N. Turanov, V.K. Karandashev, M. Boltoeva.
Synergism and Intra-Lanthanide Ion Separation in the Solvent Extraction with Mixture of TBP and TODGA extractants in Ionic Liquid.

Журнал Hydrometallurgy

2. A.N. Turanov, V.K. Karandashev, O.I. Artyushin, E.V. Sharova.
Solvent Extraction of Lanthanides(III) from Nitric Acid Solutions with Novel Functionalized Ionic Liquids Based on Carbamoyl(methyl)phosphine Oxide Pattern.

Журнал Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange