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The Chair of solid state physics of MIPT was created on the basis of Institute of solis state physics (ISSP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) in 1964. The director of ISSP academician Yu.A.Osipyan was the organizer of Chair and its manager for many years. From 2008 to 2015 the Chair is headed by academician, professor V.F.Gantmakher. Since 2015 it is headed by academician of RAS, professor V.V.Kveder.

From the very beginning the training of specialists with profound knowledge of fundamental bases of solid state physics, and both structural, and its electronic aspects was the main objective of the Chair. Leading experts not only from ISSP, but also from Landau Institute of theoretical physics were involved in lecturing. This commonwealth remains still, creating communications between students of the SSP and PTP chairs in common listening and passing examinations in a number of courses.

By 2020 more than 300 students were graduated the Chair, and more than 100 of them, passing through their postgraduate study, defended their PHD dissertations. 73 graduates of the Chair are working now in ISSP; here it is necessary to add our 14 graduates working in Institute of microelectronic technology and high purity materials of RAS. A quarter of graduates of chair in total turn out. Among them there are two member-correspondents of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 23 doctors of science. This means that the Chair was the main tool for formation of research team of physicists of Chernogolovka. Much more difficult is to track destinies and careers of other graduates of the Chair. But from time to time we are getting by messages about their successes and achievements from different corners of the world. Many of them have got the professorial positions in prestigious Universities and Scientific centers of England, Germany, Israel, the USA. In 2010 the graduate of our chair Andrey Geim was awarded the Nobel Prize on physics.

Students of the Chair start to visit ISSP already on the second year (the fourth semester). They get acquainted with laboratories of the Institute and choose the areas of scientific activity which are interesting for them. In the course of training students have the possibility to get an extensive set of lecture courses on a wide range of the scientific problems reflecting practically all directions of basic researches in ISSP. These are both the base courses — electronic, optical, magnetic, structural properties of metals, semiconductors, the dielectrics, including a laboratory practical work, and the courses devoted to modern areas of solid state physics, in which ISSP keeps leading positions in a world science — the low-dimensional, mesoscopic and strongly correlated electronic quantum systems, the condensed matters with a disorder. Besides, at the beginning of the sixth semester series of lectures under the general name «New in the physics of a solid state», read by heads of laboratories and leading research associates of ISSP — about ten lectures of ten different topics devoted to the latest opening in the world both the last achievements and development at Institute are arranged every year. As a result by the end of a third year students of chair finally choose ISSP laboratory in which they are going to perform theses, and the research supervisor. For their disposal - the most modern equipment and techniques for physical researches: ultralow temperatures and strong magnetic fields, high pressures and ultrahigh vacuum, the electron and atomic force microscopes, the automated measuring installations supplied with sensitive and high accuracy devices, intended for carrying out researches in all spectral ranges. On the fourth year students spend 4 days per week in ISSP and at the end of the academic year defend the bachelor's degree. Those who successfully defended this thesis continue study and work in ISSP during the 5th and 6th courses over the thesis of magister.

The hostel to all students of chair is provided during the period of their stay in Chernogolovka. Since the 3-rd course the students of the Chairs which are training on “good" and “excellent", receive personal grants of ISSP. Besides, the laboratory, in which the student works, has an additional possibility of his financial encouragement from the scientific projects. The young specialists, successfully graduated training and the defended theses, can arrive in postgraduate study of MIPT or ISSP and to train in the best world scientific centers. Pleasant to notice that in recent years this way is followed by the majority of students and the graduate students who have devoted to physics of a solid state. Moreover, there are already some examples of how the recent graduates of the Chair who have defended master and PhD theses in ISSP, during their staying abroad saved up money, sufficient for purchase of apartments in Chernogolovka, and now are permanent research associates of ISSP.

Despite impressive age, the Chair continues to stay in search and to be improved. Lecture courses are regularly updated, on materials of two of them textbooks are prepared. Young research associates are involved in lecturing and carrying out the seminars and training. Radical updating of training is in the process. ISSP finds additional financing for development of equipment base of laboratory works, updating and equipping of new audiences, and for increase of grants to students and graduate students. The important place is occupied also by the questions of improvement of living conditions of young specialists.

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