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Curriculum and courses' programs

Bachelor courses
4 Ordering and symmetry in condensed mediaP. V. DolganovTest
4 Basics of the experimental techniquesE.V. DeviatovTest
4 Technique of physical experiment, practical worksA. F. ShevchunTest
5 Physics of noise and fluktuationsV.S. KhrapaiExam
5 Experimental techniques in solid state physicsE.S. TikhonovTest
5 X-ray structural analysisS.V. SimonovTest
6 Physics of crystal defectsV.V. KvederExam
6 Zone theory of solid stateD.V. ShovkunExam
6 Experimental and measuring techniques, practical worksA.F.ShevchunTest
6 Modern directions in condensed matter physicsA.. LevchenkoTest
7 Physics of metalsM.R. TruninExam
7 Physics of SemiconductorsProf., Dr.Sc. V.D.KulakovskiiExam
7 Physics of phonons. . MaksimovExam
8 Electrons in disordered systemsV.S. KhrapaiExam
8 Introduction to superconductivityV. V. BolginovExam
7—8 Scientific work in the laboratory Diploma defence
Master courses
9 Spectroscopy of semiconductors and dielectrics.A.V.ChernenkoExam
9 MagnetismI. V. Kolokolov*Exam
9 Interracting electrons in normal metalsE.V. DeviatovExam
9 Recent aspects of high temperature superconductivityV.N. ZverevExam
9 Nonlinear waves and turbulenceM. Yu. BrazhnikovTest
9 Quantum theory of systems with many particles (autumn)Ya. V. GindikinTest
10 Topological effects in modern solid state physicsE.V. DeviatovExam
10 The latest achievements of solid state physicsYa.V. GindikinTest
9—12Scientific work in the laboratory diploma defence

*) Joint course with the chair «"Problems of theoretical physics"», taught by lector of chair of "Problems of theoretical physics"

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