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Methods of the Fermi-liquid description

E.V. Deviatov, PhD

  1. Introduction. Electron-electron interaction
  2. Landau theory of the Fermi-liquid. Kinetic equation.
  3. Some aspects of quantum mechanics. Secondary quantization, Fermi golden rule.
  4. Hartree-Fock approximation I. BCS theory of superconductivity.
  5. Formalism of the response functions. Dynamic form-factor, density-density response function.
  6. Fermi-liquid of charged particles. Screening. Dielectric function.
  7. Hartree-Fock approximation II. Random phase approximation. Habbard corrections.
  8. Kubo-greenwood formula. One-dimensional transport, Landauer formalism. One-parameter scaling hypotheses.
  9. Dielectric susceptibility of a two-dimensional electron gas in RPA approximation. Friedel oscillations. Scattering of electrons by charged impurities.

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