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Recent aspects of high temperature superconductivity

Prof. V.N.Zverev

  1. Introduction
       History of HTSC discovery
       The main HTSC and their basic properties
  2. The factors which determine Tc
  3. Structure of highly anisotropic layered superconductors
       Cuprate superconductor family
       Iron Pnictides
       Organic superconductors
  4. The anomalies of the normal state properties of HTSC
       Temperature dependence of the resistance
       Fermi-surface reconstruction and its relationship with superconducting properties
  5. Phase-diagrams of HTSC
       Typical phase diagrams for cuprates, organic superconductors and iron pnictides.
       Variation of carrier concentration in HTSC
       Pseudogap features
       Magnetism and superconductivity
  6. Thermo dynamical properties of HTSC
       Ginsburg-Landau anisotropic model
       Heat capacitance
       Magnetic properties
  7. Different types of superconducting coupling
  8. Direct observation of the order parameter anisotropy
  9. The review of modern theories.

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