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Invited speakers

List of invited speakers, who confirmed participation in the conference
(This list is preliminar one, it will be expanded and corrected soon)

Invited speakers Organization Report
Maksim Anan'ev
Institute of high temperature electrochemistry UB RAS (IHTE UB RAS), director Title of the talk will appear soon
Sergei Bredikhin
Institute of Solid State Physics RAS (ISSP RAS), head of the laboratory Complex approach to the development of solid oxide fuel cell stacks
Dmitrii Bronin
Institute of high temperature electrochemistry UB RAS (IHTE UB RAS), principal researcher Degradation processes in solid oxide fuel cells
Yuriy Vasil'ev Institute of Arctic technologies MIPT, executive director Development of autonomous power engineering for MIPT Arctic program
Aleksandr Grishin AVL List GmbH (Austria) Perspectives and application of fuel cell based power plants by AVL
DrS, professor
Vladimir Guterman
South Federal University (SFU), professor New platinum-containing catalysts for fuel cells with polymer membrane
DrS, professor
Yuriy Dobrovol'skiy
Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, head of the laboratory (IPCP RAS), deputy director Fuel cell based power plants for transport
PhD, assistant professor
Sergey Istomin
(Lomonosov Moscow State University), assistant professor New electrode materials for solid oxide fuel cells
Alexey Kashin InEnergy Group, CEO Title of the talk will appear later
Igor Landgraf CNII SET, deputy director of the branch in the direction of hydrogen energy, chief designer Results of the improvement of key technologies of power plants based on proton-exange and solid oxide fuel cells
DrS, professor
Mikhail Patrakeev
Institute of Solid State Chemistry UB RAS (ISSC UB RAS), principal researcher Hydrogen production by water dissociation at oxygen membranes
DrS, professor
Vladimir Fateev
National research center "Kurchatov Institute"), deputy director Generation of hydrogen by electrolysis of water
academician RAS
Sergey Filippov
The Energy Research Institute of Russian Academy Sciences (ERI RAS), director Electrochemical energy: prospects and demands
Corr. member RAS Andrey Yaroslavtsev Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry RAS (IGIC RAS), deputy director Development prospects of membrane materials for low-temperature fuel cells

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