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How to get to Suzdal

Conference will be orginized in one of the oldest Russian town - Syzdal.

Organizing Committee planned to provide bus transit for participants from Moscow to the Main tourists complex "Syzdal". Unfortunately, because of Soccer World Cup, according to Russian president's decree "About features of enchanced security arrengements during the Soccer World Cup FIFA, 2018 and Confederation Cup FIFA, 2017", from 1 July, 2018 it'll be introduced the prohibition on tourists car entrance on the territory of Nizhniy Novgorod, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, Sochi, Samara and Saint-Petersburg.

In this situation Orginizing Committee recomend to use the following scheme for transition:
1. Transit from Moscow Kurskaya st. (Kurskaya metro station, Moscow) to Vladimir by train.
Train schedule for 17 June, 2018 from Moscow to Vladimir
2. Orginizing Committee will provide participants transit from Vladimir station to Main tourists complex "Syzdal" for those who will arrive on 17 June, 2018 by following trains:
a. 16:35 (Moscow) - 18:19 (Vladimir)
b. 18:35 (Moscow) - 20:16 (Vladimir)

Information about reaching the destination by yourself can be found here. Orginising Committee asks participants, who plan to use recommended trains, to inform about chosen train at irina_karpova@issp.ac.ru

Organizing Committee delivers participants of the Conference from Vladimir station to GTK "Suzdal" on Sunday, June the 17th. Please, see lists of the passangers for buses meeting the participants from trains coming to Vladimir Station at 18:19 and 20:16, as well as persons in charge with phone numbers and photos. In case you found inconsistance or changed your mind, please contact Irina Karpova by e-mail irina_karpova@issp.ac.ru or by phone +7 (963) 770-13-39. List of passangers of the bus, meeting the train at 18:19 (June, the 17th):
  1. Vladimir Guterman (two seats)
  2. Anna Gorlova
  3. Tuyana Shoinkhorova
  4. Pavel Snytnikov
  5. Sergey Zhivul'ko
  6. Andrey Korotkov
  7. Dmitri Bessarabov
  8. Igor Kim
  9. Andrey Solovyev
  10. Anna Shipilova
  11. Igor Ionov
  12. Egor Smolyanskiy
  13. Vladimir Ivanov
  14. Andrey Strotsev
  15. Lev Khrobostov
  16. Sergey Filimonov
Person in charge: Oleg Pikalov +7 (926) 865-62-11

List of passangers of the bus, meeting the train at 20:16 (June, the 17th):
  1. Yuriy Korzhenkov
  2. Ostap Losev (two seats)
  3. Dimitriy Bronin
  4. Aleksey Krylov
  5. Andrey Yaroslavtsev
  6. Angelina Kim
  7. Andrey Volkov
Person in charge: Dmitriy Yalovenko +7 (985) 721-48-40

Bredikhin S.I. Tel: +7(496) 5221629 Fax: +7(496) 5228160 email: FuelCell2018@issp.ac.ru