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Organisation fee

Organisation fee for the participant (young scientist, accompanying person) is...

Type of the fee

Late payment
(after May, the 26th)


8 000 rub.

Student or PhD student

3 000 rub. (0*)

Young scientist (younger than 35)

4 000 rub.

Accompanying person

4 000 rub.

* When registration is completd before April, the 28th.

Please, pay your attention: all the Conference participants can pay for the accomodation and meals simultaneosly with organisation fee by wire. In this case Organising committee books the hotel.

In other case (when paying the non-extended organisation fee) participants book the accomodation in Suzdal themselves.

Please pay your attention that you need to pay the organisation fee by June 15th 2018 to take part in the Conference and show the documents confirming the payment during the registration.

Way to pay the organisation fee:
One can pay the organisation fee on behalf of organisation or personally.

From organisation:
Organisation fee is to be sent by June 15th 2018 to the account of Scientific and consultant center "Forum-SM" by following bank details (for foreing participants):
Research Consulting Center "FORUM-SM"
Address: Institutskii pr., 2-93
142432 Chernogolovka, Moscow Region, Russia

Bank details:
Reuters Dealing: GZPM

Intermediary bank: Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main
Account 4008870370 01 EUR
Research Consulting Center "FORUM-SM"
INN/KPP 5031071427/503101001
Account: 40702978794007005383
In the purpose of payment field you should mark: Organization fee for the participation in the Fuel cells and the power plants based on them conference for First name Last name of the participant.
Ltd Forum-SM use simplified taxation system (notification about simple taxation).

For receiving the bill you should inform about name of the organization, TIN and participants Full name on email address irina_karpova@issp.ac.ru.

If you need an act to pay the fee, please, inform us on email address irina_karpova@issp.ac.ru. You will receive the bill and the act on your email address. After that you should fill in the form and take 2 copies with signature and the stamp of your organization to the conference. You will receive original bill and the registered act for registration fee.
If You need enter into the contract for paying the fee, you should: fill in the attached forms of the contract and the act as a customer. Please, sent filled in contract on the following email address: irina_karpova@issp.ac.ru. You will receive the contract (electron version) with the signature and stamp of the implementer. Also, you need to take 2 copies with signature and the stamp of your organization to the conference.. During the conference you will receive filled in set of documents.

One can send money personally by bank transfer. If you use bank for paying you will receive only the back of the bank receipt as a persone made a payment and the act of providing services for conference organization. Invoice will be formed only in a case when organisation fee is paid by the bookkeeping of your organisation.

Bredikhin S.I. Tel: +7(496) 5221629 Fax: +7(496) 5228160 email: FuelCell2018@issp.ac.ru