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Our sponsors

Russian Foundation for Basic Research supports the organisation of Fifth All-Russia conference Fuel cells and Power Plants Based on Them (with international participation)

Russian Scientific Foundation supports the organisation of Second School for Young Scientists "Modern Aspects of Highly-efficient Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Power Plants Based on Them"

Electrochemical Instruments - manufacture and installation of devices for electrochemical measurements. Potentiostats, galvanostats to measure ekectrochemical impedance, electrochemical cells. 8(495)-720-31-57, sales@potentiostat.ru, www.potentiostat.ru

Sigm Plus Ingeneering supplies highly-precise measurement equipment and flow and pressure controllers manufactured by Bronkhorst (The Netherlands), company is excluive supplier in Russia.
Address: 117342, Moscow, Vvedenskogo str. 3, b.5.
: +7 (499) 578-04-40, +7 (495) 333-33-25

"IlPa Tech".
Adress: 220089, Belarus, Minsk, Umanskaya 54 Tel.: +7(906)516-30-65, +375 (17) 328-18-02, +375 (29) 626-19-06, e-mail: info@ilpa-tech.ru

"Spectroscopic Systems" JSC. Tel/Fax: +7(495)926-38-48. e-mail: spectro-systems@mail.ru.
Address: 119991, Moscow, Leninskiy ave., 31 (building of the N.S. Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry)

Bredikhin S.I. Tel: +7(496) 5221629 Fax: +7(496) 5228160 email: FuelCell2018@issp.ac.ru